Government - Town Boards and Committees

The Town Council has created several committees that require citizen participation to have input regarding numerous town policies, projects and events.  Residents that apply to be on the committees are appointed for a one year term.   The term runs from May of each year thru April of the following year.  Sometimes there are vacancies on the committees throughout the year.

Download below a current list of Board and Committee Members.

The following committees are opened for citizen participation:

Charter/Ordinance Review

MISSION STATEMENT - The committee is charged with the study of the Charter and Code of Ordinances to provide recommendations to the Town Council of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands including any amendments the committee proposes to the Charter or ordinances.  All amendments proposed to the Charter and approved by the Town Council will be submitted to the voters of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands whenever either a special election or the annual Town Election can be scheduled. All amendments proposed by the committee to the Code of Ordinances will be submitted to the Town Council for their consideration.

Disaster Preparedness

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Disaster Preparedness Committee is to provide recommendations to the Town of Bay Harbor Islands, its Town Council and staff that will ensure that the Town and its citizens are prepared to respond to emergencies, recover from them and mitigate against their impact.  The Committee will develop and recommend long and short term plans to rebuild lives and infrastructure and preventative actions which will reduce the impact of future disasters, hazard mitigation and pre-disaster mitigation programs.  Town staff agencies with the support of qualified residents will develop and oversee on behalf of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands compliance requirements for local emergency management programs which includes seeking funds such as grants to assist in emergency preparedness programs.

Environmental Impact


MISSION STATEMENT The Environmental Impact Committee was formed in response to the growing need for information pertaining to the health and safety of the community.  The Mission of this Committee is to provide information, recommendations, and possible solutions for Town Council review and adoption.  (1) Promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues that affect our community’s well being when approved by the Town Council.  (2) Disseminate information regarding current and emerging environmental concerns and safety issues as they emerge as approved by the Town Council.  (3) Facilitate dialogue with our Town officials on environmentally responsible projects and procedures such as recycling of old equipment, disposal of potentially hazardous materials, etc.  (4) Work with the Town Council to create partnerships with other communities and organizations to work together for a healthier environment.

Parks and Recreation

The mission of the Parks and Recreation Committee is to provide recommendations or input to the Bay Harbor Islands Town Council and staff regarding all current and future park facilities and leisure programs for all residents.

If you are interested in participating and feel qualified to give your input, please submit a letter of interest and a copy of your resume to Town Clerk Marlene Marante at Town Hall.  If you don’t have a resume, please list your life experiences or special qualifications on your letter.  If you find it more convenient fax, 305-866-4863, or e-mail,, your request.  Don’t forget to mention which committee(s) your might be interested in joining.

Other Boards and Committees that are not opened to residents include the Local Planning Agency, Retirement Board, Litigation Committee, Police Contract Committee, Finance and Budget Committee, etc..