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Starting in summer 2014, the Broad Causeway Toll will join Florida Turnpike’s SunPass system. Drivers will no longer stop to pay the toll, improving travel times and traffic flow in our community.


Installation of SunPass and toll-by-plate technology is underway and Open Road Tolling (ORT) will begin when this work is complete. The existing toll booth and office will be eliminated and your BayPass transponder will become obsolete. We expect the transition period to begin in summer 2014; however, please check back on this page for exact dates and updates on construction progress.


Town residents and commuters are encouraged to purchase a SunPass transponder* if you don’t already have one. SunPass is available at local stores such as Publix and CVS, or online at


If you are a BayPass annual account holder, you will have to come in to the Bay Harbor Islands Town Hall main office to prepare for the switchover, so our staff can register your annual account. Office hours are weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please bring your BayPass and SunPass account information with you. If you don’t already have a SunPass account, you will be required to purchase one in order to successfully complete the SunPass conversion and keep your annual unlimited Broad Causeway toll access.

ATTENTION: Effective 7/3/14--All Annual Account transactions must now be made at Town Hall, 9665 Bay Harbor Terrace. This includes Sunpass transitions, Annual Account creations and Commuter to Annual Account conversions. For any questions, please call 305-866-6241. Thank you.

Want to know more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. For additional information, please contact us at or 305.866.6241.



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Frequently Asked Questions



When does the registration process begin?

· The transition period will happen in summer 2014. 


I’m a new resident and I want to buy an annual pass. What should I do until the SunPass system starts?

· BayPass accounts are available for purchase until the switchover occurs. Standard policies for annual and commuter accounts apply as explain herein.


What should I do with my BayPass transponder once it becomes obsolete?

· Please properly dispose of your BayPass transponder or leave it with Bay Harbor staff and we will save it for the next community-wide electronic recycling pickup. 


Will the annual unlimited pass still be available?

· Yes, for $250. Annual account holders must register for the SunPass system at Bay Harbor Town Hall before the switchover takes place in spring 2014.  Check back soon for exact dates regarding the transition period.


Will my existing balance transfer over? 

· If you have an annual account: Yes, your existing balance of time access will transfer over.  Annual passes renew in October; the Town of Bay Harbor Islands will send letters to pass holders at that time to prompt renewal fee submissions.

· If you have a commuter account: a reimbursement check will be issued for your remaining balance when the toll system switches over


Will there still be a discounted rate like the BayPass commuter option for frequent Broad Causway travelers without annual unlimited access?

· No. The regular SunPass toll rate will be $1. 

· Those who travel through the toll without SunPass will be issued a toll-by-plate invoice at a slightly higher rate (based on $1.25 per toll), plus a small monthly processing fee. 

· If you don’t already have a SunPass account, we highly recommend you purchase one; SunPass is available at local stores such as Publix and CVS, or online at 


Will I be reimbursed for the balance on my commuter BayPass when it transitions to SunPass?

· Yes, automatic reimbursement checks will be issued to commuter BayPass holders on a case-by-case basis at the time the system switches over. 


What if I don’t have a SunPass account and I go through the toll?

· The SunPass open road tolling system will “toll by plate” if you do not have SunPass. This means you will receive an invoice in the mail (to the address associated with your license plate) with a bill; you will be charged $1.25 for each time you went through the toll, plus a small monthly processing fee. 

· If you don’t already have a SunPass account, we highly recommend you purchase one; SunPass is available at local stores such as Publix and CVS, or online at 


Will the toll office be eliminated?

· Yes, all future toll business will occur at Bay Harbor Islands Town Hall or Florida Turnpike Enterprise Offices.


Can I sign up for Broad Causeway annual access to SunPass online? How will it work?

· For now, in order to switch to the new system and thoroughly complete the transition period, all annual pass holder business must take place Bay Harbor Islands Town Hall.

· We are working to develop on an online access point for Broad Causeway toll business, in partnership with SunPass.

I’m an annual pass holder. Do I need to keep my BayPass transponder once I’ve registered with the new SunPass Open Road Tolling (ORT) System?
·         Yes. You’ll need to keep your BayPass transponder on your dashboard until the ORT technology is completely switched over; please stay tuned for the official switch date, likely before October 2014.
I know that the registration period starts July 21 and runs through the end of August 2014. What if I’m out of town in this timeframe? How do I register my annual pass with the new system when I get back?

·         Everyone who is able is strongly encouraged to come to Town Hall during the open registration period this summer. If for some reason you cannot, please call Town Hall once you are back in Bay Harbor Islands and explain that you need to switch to SunPass; you may be required to come into Town Hall in order to complete your registration with the new system. 


Who can I contact for additional information? 

· Please call Town Hall at 305.866.6241 or email